DURANGO series

The first barbecue range from TUOZI for the serious outdoor cooker. A combination of the traditional brick and modern design barbecue, allows for several modular kitchen configurations according to available space and functional requirements.

DURANGO is made of a high performance stoneware brick and a mix of white, black pigmented and refractory concrete, with an exceptional hand finishing surface and resistant to frost.
No painting is required and it can be assembled with a specific TUOZI adhesive silicone or proper mortar. TUOZI products are already supplied to the color shown on the images, not requiring any additional finishing.

Standard version includes a 304 stainless steel cooking grill with 2877 cm2 and a black coated aluminized steel, wood burner.
As additional options, it provides for 2 distinct side stand modules with 85x58cm, one of which with a stainless steel sink and chromed faucet.
Prepare your food before cooking process, wash and store all kitchenware and grilling utensils, keeping it always in hand.
Easy to maintain due to it’s removable grill and wood burner, which can easily be cleaned and stored when not being used on winter days.

The DURANGO series is a step forward for the user who wants to develop its barbecue skills, on wood and charcoal. Easy to use as other TUOZI wood and charcoal barbecue, it will allow the user to cook for a large group o people, meeting all the basic functional requirements for that purpose and allowing to apply several grilling technics.
DURANGO barbecue its compatible with the TUOZI Grill Modular Accessories system, which allow to combine 2 cooking processes simultaneously in a very practical way (plancha, skewer, Argentinean grill, regular grill, sautéing tray and more).

The barbecues from DURANGO series are available in wood and charcoal use version, and due to the stoneware brick you can expect a high performance barbecue, capable to reach very high temperatures, and retaining it for slow release, for a longer period of time.

Note: TUOZI barbecues are designed according to the European Safety Norms (EN 1860-1 and 1860-1/A1, that applies), which assures a safe and efficient use of all our products when correctly assembled and properly used.
All barbecues and modules are provided with a manual, describing all assembly procedures, step by step, and the correct procedures of use and maintenance.

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