EGO series

The iconic design barbecue from TUOZI.
A singular design piece you can use for barbecuing made of a mix of white and black pigmented concrete with volcanic stone, with an exceptional smooth, hand finishing surface and resistant to frost.
No painting is required and can be assembled with a specific TUOZI adhesive silicone or regular mortar. TUOZI products are supplied to the color shown on the images.
The EGO series is simultaneously a barbecue and a decorative central piece at your garden or patio. Due to its unique design, it retains heat for long period of time with very low wood or charcoal consumption.
A cooking surface which allow to cook up to 5 people. Side stand module is also available on EGO series, allowing to backing up your grilling activity.
Easy to maintain due to it’s removable grilling metal griller, which can easily be cleaned and stored when not being used on winter days.
Compatible with a wide range of TUOZI grilling accessories, which will make your cooking experience pleasant, easier and practical for everyday use.
EGO is the choice for the more intimate user, who looks for the essentials on outdoor cooking activity and appreciates to have a unique design piece on his garden or patio.
The barbecues from EGO series are available in wood and charcoal version, with or without smoke exhaust system.

Note: TUOZI barbecues are designed according to the European Safety Norms (EN 1860-1 and 1860-1/A1, that applies), which assures a safe and efficient use of all our products when correctly assembled and properly used.
All barbecues and modules are provided with a manual, describing all assembly procedures, step by step, and the correct procedures of use and maintenance.

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  • EGO Modules

  • Barbecue EGO SHORT

    White and grey concrete. Made up of only 2 concrete parts. Grill with 2 height levels. Nickled grill 40x32 cm. Metal rack 44,

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  • Barbecue EGO FULL

    Made up of only 5 concrete parts. Grill with 4 height levels. Nickled grill 40x32 cm. Metal rack 44,5x34 cm.2 different f

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