MOVELAR – Mário F.Rino, started its activity more than 40 years ago, as a family-owned company, a structure that still maintains today.

Our growth is mainly due to our ability to understand, in important moments of our history, the importance of collaborating with people and other companies that could add value to the implementation of our mission in the market. The vast majority of these people, employees, suppliers and customers, remain with us till the present day.

In 1997, we directed our market strategy to large distribution companies (national and international), allowing us to assert ourselves as the largest Portuguese supplier in the sector. Our clients recognize us as business partners, as our collaboration in the implementation of their business strategies is constant.

We have a deep knowledge of the market and prepare the future with it, developing a strategic growth plan with the cooperation of public reference universities and private institutions, with the aim of defining and implementing new working methods, production and development techniques. of new product concepts.

We are a company in the process of internationalization, innovating in the way it is organized, in the products it develops and in the way it relates to its customers.