What are the most suitable places for assembling my barbecue?

For confortable use and durability of your barbecue, give preference to places sheltered from wind, and have not too much sun exposure. If possible, install your barbecue at a covered exterior place, ensuring the extraction of smoke through the use of our smoke extraction modules.

Can I install my barbecue inside on a interior closed space?

Our barbecues are designed for outdoor use, so this is the condition for which the product ensures a safe use. However, if you install one of our barbecues at a closed interior space, we alerted to the fact of having to ensure efficient extraction of smoke and good ventilation of the space where it is installed. A poor extraction of smoke and poor ventilation of the space were it is used, involves serious risks to your safety.

I have no heat-resistant silicone. I can install the barbecue with another material?

Suitable materials for the assembly of our grills are commonly available at places of sale thereof. However, if you have questions about the material you want to use, you can contact us via email movelar@movelar.pt . A silicone with good adhesive power or refractory cement glue, can also be used. Materials should not be used for bonding of components, which do not allow proper dilation while bbq is being used.

After assembling my barbecue, can I start using it immediately?

After assembling the barbecues, you should wait for a period of 1 to 3 days, to ensure that the materials used for assembling the components are fully dried. The drying period varies depending on the material used; therefor you should refer to the product’s technical file with the specifications of the manufacturer. A visual assessment of the presence of water/humidity in the concrete components, it is equally important before using the product. Under no circumstances, you should use your barbecue if it presents a high level of water inside the concrete components that will be more exposed to heat.

In what circumstances shouldn’t I use my barbecue?

You can use your grill whenever you need. However, if it presents a high level of humidity in a concrete or brick components, you must take special care to light it. The initial firing should be done with a reduced amount of fuel and the fire intensity should be increased progressively, allowing the water to evaporate from the concrete or brick components. Failure to follow this procedure may cause cracking on barbecue components.

What fuel can I use on my BBQ?

You may only use charcoal or firewood. The fuel type varies depending on barbecue model, so please consult the product’s instruction manual that came with your barbecue. Take special attention, since there are models in which the use of firewood is prohibited.

What is the maximum charge of fuel that I can put on my barbecue?

The maximum load of fuel, varies depending on the type of grill, so please consult the product’s instruction manual that came with your barbecue. However, it is possible to make an accurate visual assessment of the quantity to be used. The maximum load corresponds to 75% of the available area for placement of fuel, and under the grill, not exceeding a height of approx. 6cm. As this load is being consumed, may be added an equivalent amount, not exceeding the volume limit

What are the basic procedures to light my barbecue?

To light your barbecue, place the amount of fuel allowed for the model in question and ignite it using firelighters. Never use flammable liquids, or firelighters that are not in accordance with EN 1860-3.
To facilitate the initial combustion, you can slightly open the drawer from the metal grate of your barbecue, if it is equipped with this accessory. After initial combustion, drawer should remain closed until the total extinction of embers produced.

What is the appropriate moment to put food on the grill?

The ideal time is detectable when there is no flame and it is observed the formation of a thin white coating on the embers. The placement of food on this combustion phase, allow a balanced cooking and a much-reduced exposure to combustion gases produced.

My BBQ is still heated. Can I extinguish it with water?

Under no circumstances should you use water to cool off, extinguishing or wash your barbecue, while it is still hot. Failure to follow this procedure will lead to the occurrence of cracking in concrete or brick components.

What are the fundamental maintenance procedures for my barbecue?

The procedure varies according to the exposure of the barbecue to weather and climate aggressiveness. Since your barbecue will be subjected to large variations in temperature, there should be careful to keep the components cleaned of fat and ash, which together with rain and sun, will became corrosive agents. If you plan not to use your grill for an extended period of time, it is advisable to remove the metal grate that equips your barbecue or putting a “raincoat” on the grill, which ensures minimal ventilation and protection against direct exposure to water.

A crack appeared in one of the concrete components of my barbecue. What does it mean?

The occurrence of cracks in concrete components is a situation that is likely to cause concern to barbecue users. However, in the majority of cases, there is no implication for the efficient functioning and safe use of the barbecue.
Most observable cracks in concrete components, originate in transport or handling, which may be detected only after the first uses of the product. Another circumstance, such as excessive use of fuel, are the second leading cause of occurrence of cracks.
Upon detecting a crack in your grill, you should see if it tends to increase during the various subsequent uses. If they tend to increase, you should contact the store where you purchased the grill or, alternatively, directly by email to movelar@movelar.pt, indicating where you purchased it and providing images of fissure, for an assessment of the possible origin of the cracking and eventual replacement of the component in question.

I accidentally damaged a component from my barbecue. Can I ask for substitution parts?

All components of our products may be acquired individually. For this, please go to the store where you purchased the product, and identified the model, name or number of the component, which you can find in the product manual. From the store, you will be able to acquire the desired parts. In alternative, you can contact us directly, providing us for the same information, through the following email address: movelar@movelar.pt