Barbecue SUD PLUS

Barbecue SUD PLUS

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Smooth Varnished Concrete
Wood and Charcoal use. Stainless Steel Grill, 3162 cm2 (62x51cm) with 4 coocking levels. BBQ with chimney. Chimney extensión possilities. Metal rack, support for wood or charcoal burning. Steel lid with thermometer for indirect cooking. Wood/charcoal steel burner. Drawer for cleaning ashes. Lower shelf, made of black painted steel.
Compatible with Sud series. Concrete base, for easy leveled instalation.

Black or Red details.

  • Charcoal & Firewood

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Materials Concrete, Steel

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Turn your barbecue into a modular outdoor SUD small kitchen, of modern design, excellent fsmooth or textured finish, for charcoal and firewood use.
With a 3160 cm2 grill area and a lid option, with thermometer, for inderect cooking.

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