Barbecue SUD PLUS Stand Module Sink & Tap

Barbecue SUD PLUS Stand Module Sink & Tap

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Smooth Varnished Concrete
Wood and Charcoal use. Stainless Steel Grill, 3162 cm2 (62x51cm) with 4 coocking levels. BBQ with chimney. Chimney extensión possilities. Metal rack, support for wood or charcoal burning. Steel lid with thermometer for indirect cooking. Wood/charcoal steel burner. Drawer for cleaning ashes. Lower shelf, made of black painted steel.

Stand module with stainless steel sink & tap. Thermolaminated upper panel, weatherproof and UV resistant. Lower shelf, made of black painted steel. Compatible with Sud series. Concrete base, for easy leveled instalation.

  • Charcoal & Firewood

Tehcnical Info

Weight N/A

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Materials Concrete, Steel

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Turn your barbecue into a modular outdoor SUD small kitchen, of modern design, excellent fsmooth or textured finish, for charcoal and firewood use.
With a 3160 cm2 grill area and a lid option, with thermometer, for inderect cooking.

Choose from the available side stand modules and edit your space the most convinient way.
You can do your regular barbecue or try to bake a pizza, using SUD as a small wood oven.
Up to 10 people use.

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