Stand Module PLAN/VENIT Gas 78

Stand Module PLAN/VENIT Gas 78


White and grey concrete. Textured concrete side parts. Concrete lower shelf. Module with gray footer possibility.


2 gas options:

  • Teka EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI (2 cooking zone: 1 double ring burner (3,00 kwh). 1 auxiliary burner (1,00 kwh)
  • Teka GZC 32300 ( Ceramic glass surface; 9 power levels with precise control of the flame; 1 auxiliary burner, 1,00 kW; 1 fast burner, 2,80kW)


  • Footer 78
  • Standard
  • Gas
  • Double Door
  • Standard Plan/Venit
  • TEKA EFX 30.1 2G AI AL CI
  • TEKA GZC 32300

Tehcnical Info

Weight N/A

Dimensions N/A

Materials Concrete

Additional Info


The entry range series, from TUOZI, introducing the modular capabilities of our outdoor kitchen products.

A modern design and modular outdoor kitchen made of a mix of white and natural gray concrete with volcanic stone, with an exceptional hand finishing surface and resistant to frost.

No painting is required, and it can be assembled with a specific TUOZI adhesive silicone or proper mortar. TUOZI products are already supplied with the color shown on the images, not requiring any additional finishing.

The PLAN series is a collection of 20 products, which allows editing your outdoor kitchen according to available space and functional requirements.

A cooking surface up to 7 people and an almost unlimited cooking support area, thanks to the 4 different modular side stands. Prepare your food before cooking process, wash and store all kitchenware and grilling utensils, keeping it always in hand.

Easy to maintain due to it’s removable grilling metal griller, which can easily be cleaned and stored when not being used on winter days.

Compatible with a wide range of TUOZI grilling accessories, which will make your cooking experience pleasant, easier and practical for everyday use.

The barbecues from PLAN series are available in both wood and charcoal version or only charcoal use version.

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User Manual

View User/Assembly Manual (T00299)