Use: Bonding objects in construction and industry.

Volume: 290ml

Type: Glue



Product for barbecue assemble, suitable for concrete pieces.

The transparent silicone adhesive is a MS-based on MS polymer.

Neutral and elastic, of high quality, with a perfectly transparent color.

Very strong adhesion to all surfaces, including wet surfaces. Can be painted with water-based paint after drying up. Excellent temperature resistance and resistant to oils, greases and alkaline solvents. Free of solvents and silicone. Odorless.

Film Formation: 10 min.

Polymerization: 2 to 3 min (at 23ºC 55RV)

APPLICATIONS: Bonding of heavy and light objects (panels, skirting boards, handles,…) in construction and industry.

Suitable for a wide variety of common materials, such as glass, pretreated wood, PVC, synthetic and metal materials. Translucent MS polymeter can, when used in the open air and after prolonged exposure to UV radiation, yellowing and cracks over time.

The product is not suitable for expansion joints, glass seals, gaskets and seals subject to vibration incorporated.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: The surface must be clean and free of dust and grease. If necessary, create the smooth before the film formation using water and a little soap.

STORAGE: 12 months( in its original packaging, in a dry and cool place (5ºC to 25ºC))